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   Weight   9.8 oz

   Arch    Medium to high

   Midsole Drop   10mm


      This is the shoe that pulled me away from New Balance. To break in these I took them on a 15 mile FootBike ride through Shark Valley. The next couple days I ran 5k each day in my neighborhood. To round off my training regimen I put them through 10 X 100m sprints. 

     So far so AMAZING!!! The LAUNCH 2 is extremely comfortable. It has lots of forefront cushioning for the propelling movement pattern of a FootBike kick. The feel of the heel to toe transition on my 5K run was smooth. Running sprints with these felt like I was cheating. 

     Overall a Great shoe!!! I am really impressed and at $100 how could you go wrong. 



     I purchased my Forerunner 910XT about a year ago. I couldn't wait to try it out. I think the first time I used it was on a Footbike ride. After the ride we went to the Henderson Multigenerational Center to swim some laps. The 910XT is everything it's made to be. It's real easy to switch sports. The pages are a since to set up & scroll through. A year later and I'm still pleased with it. I use it for; hiking, running, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), Footbiking, BFM (Ballistic Functional Movement) training, swimming, & kayaking just to name a few.

     There are two things I don't like about the 910XT. First, it's a rechargeable device. I'm use to always having my watch on so taking it off to charge is kind of a pain in the ass. especially when I'm hiking all day and end up camping out. The other issue I have is the HR monitor chest strap doesn't last as long as the watch. Mine got all stretched out. I've had to replace the battery three times, and now it doesn't work at all.

     The newest Multi sport watch from GARMIN is the "fenix 2". I was thinking of getting it, but don't feel the need to spend another $400.00 US when my 910 XT works just fine. Except for the HR monitor...


OAKLEY Racing Jacket


     I picked these up a few months ago from a local bike shop. They are the best sunglasses I have ever purchased! They have never fell off my face while doing any of the fun sports and recreational activities I partake in. They haven't even slid down my nose. I use to wear SPY, Electric, and even the old Black Flys. None of these companies compare to Oakley in my opinion. If you are someone that likes the outdoors; runs, bikes, rappels, climbs, hikes, SUP, shoots, or just likes the comfort of some cool shades, I would recommend the OAKLEY Racing Jacket