Part one of yesterdays work out. 

8  42" Box Jumps

15R & 15L Tire strikes

20 Double KB swings w/ 2X 24kgs

I did 8 rounds with a minute break between rounds. I was shooting for 10 rounds, but my form got a little sloppy. 




      15 mile FootBike kick through Shark Valley. The front seven was hard to stay on task with all the gator sightings. The back 8 seemed faster. Click the Garmin link for the details. 



         warm up = 1mile jog   

         10 X 100m sprints 


Effective conditioning today

Warm up: 8 min Indian clubs & IKFF Level 1 fit test, 30 X 36" box jumps 

The Work out:

Part 1: KB Matrix with 2 X 16kg superset with battling ropes for 45 sec (5 rounds) 1 min rest between round

Part 2: Renegade rows superset with double swings outside the knees with 2 X 24kg  (5 rounds) 1 min rest between rounds

Cool down: jump in my cold pool and swim 5 laps. 




Another strong workout with my boy & Mike Mahler!!!

Box Jumps 2x5x36 inches, 3x5x40 inches 
in between each set 
Double KB Military Press 2x5x62lb bells, 1x5, 1x7x,1x9x70lb bells 

Alternating KB Renegade Row 2x8, 1x10 each side (88lb bells) 
Double KB Swing 3x10x70lb bells, 1x12x88lb bells 

Standing AB Wheel Roll out 3x8 
KB Hindu Squat (bell held with two hands close to the body) 3x25 (35lb bell) 

KB Iron Cross 2x5x35lb bells 
Hindu Pushups 2x15



Warm up: 8min Indian clubs (2lb club)
              100 alternating swings w/ 24kg

Snatch: 20kg X 20 R,L
            24kg X 20 R,L
            32kg X 15 R,L. 
 24kg X 15 R,L X 3 rounds (1min rest between sets)

KB Matrix w/ 20kgs paired with renegade rows X 3 rounds. 



Warm up: 10 min jump rope

                  8 min Indian clubs

 conditioning:  1. Heavy bag 

                               Punching 5 X 3min rounds

                               Low Roundhouse kicks 5 X 3min rounds

                        2. Thai dummy

                               200 knees R 200 knees L

                        3. SledgeHammer tire strikes 15R 15L & Battling Ropes 30sec

                               5 rounds


                 Warm up: Indian Clubs 8min

                                 Level 1 fit test

                 Conditioning: Box jumps 36" X 10, Double KB swings (outside knees) 2 X 32kg X 10

                                                        5 Rounds = 100/100 



                 Warm up: Crazy 8's

                 Activity: Indoor Rock Climbing                


                 Krav Maga @ 702KM


             Warm up: 8min Indian clubs (2lb club)
                            100 alternating swings w/ 24kg

             Snatch: 20kg X 20 R,L
                         24kg X 20 R,L
                         32kg X 15 R,L. 
              24kg X 15 R,L X 3 rounds (1min rest between sets)

              16kg X 120: alternate every 20 reps @ 15rpm


            8.5 mile kick in a FootBike

            36' box jumps X 10/ Double KB swings (outside knees) 24kg X 2 X 10

                                      5 rounds



          Warm Up:  8 min Indian clubs/ 24kg 4 min alternating 1 arm swings

           Jerks:  2 X 20kg X 15, 2 X 24kg X 15, 2 X 32kg X 5    (1 min rest between weight)

                     3 Rounds           

          KB Matrix 2 X 20kg/ Renegade rows w/2 X 24kg X 10

                     3 rounds

          Olympic dead lifts: 135lbs X 15 X 5 = 75reps 



         Warm up:  8 min Indian clubs/ 24kg 4 min alternating 1 arm swings

         Snatch: 24kg 10 X 10, 32kg 10 X 10, 36kg 5 X 5 (1 min rest between weight)

                     36kg 5 X  5 rounds (1 min rest between rounds)


           KB Matrix 2 X 20 Kg/ 32kg 10 X 10  (1 arm dead lifts from elevated boxes)  3 rounds

       New PR on the snatch today!!!!




      Sprints @ UNLV T & F

             Warm up: 2 laps 

             The run:  2x Hills, 2x 100m sprints, 2x 200m sprints, 2x 300m sprints


      Great day training with my friend Mike Mahler:

        Box Jumps 3x3x36inches, 3x3x40inches 

       One-arm KB Snatch 3x5x32kg each side, 3x5x38kg each side, 2x5x40kg each side and 1x12x40kg each side (started off with low reps to work on form and ended with a higher rep set to finish off. Will keep adding more reps on last set in future workout and get back up to 25 reps each side with a 40kg bell) 

       Double Kb Military Press 3x10x28kg bells and in between each set (fast relaxed reps with minimal tension) 
       Hindu Squats 3x25 (very upright to keep focus on quads and calves) 

       Alternating Renegade Row 3x6x40kg bell each side 
       Double KB Swing 3x10x40kg bells 

       Hindu Squat 1x50


       Morning sprints @ the UNLV T&F (quick one today)

             Warm up 2 laps ( 1/2 mile)

                  1 set of the hill (sprinklers came on), 5 X 100m, 1 X 200m


     Nice little something tonight:

           8 min Indian Clubs

          40" box jumps/ Double KB swings (outside the knees) 10 X 10 X 5 rounds

          Double KB press/ Renegade rows  10 X 10 X 5 rounds    

          KB matrix w/ 20kg X 5 rounds




       8.3 mile Kick with Erica on the Pittman Wash.


       Another kick ass workout with my compadre Mike Mahler:

Box Jumps: 2x3x36 inches, 5x3x40 inches (felt great) 

3 rounds of: 

Glute-ham Raise on Poor man Sorinex machine, 1x5 (slow negative and slight push at the bottom) 
Pull-ups 1x8 
Hindu Squat 1x30 (very controlled to stay upright and keep focus on quads) 
Double KB Military Press 1x9x70lb bells on first round, 1x3x84lb bells on second round, 1x4x84lb bells on third round.
Standing Lifeline Power Wheel Roll Out 1x5 

Then 3 rounds of 

Double KB Swing 1x10x70s on first round, 1x10x84s on second round, 1x12x88s on third round 
Thick Bar Bent Over Row 1x5x180lbs on first round, 1x5x180lbs on second round, 1x7x180lbs on third round. 

Covered the five pillars: 

Upper body press: (double KB Military Press) 
Upper body pull: (pull-ups and thick bar bent over row) 
Lower body press: (Hindu Squats) 
Lower body pull: (double kb swing, glute ham raise) 
Core: LL power roll out


Great night training with the tribe @ Krav Maga 702. We worked on knife defense. 



Amazing morning training with the tribe!!! @ Krav Maga 702

      Did both Beginner & Intermediate classes.

           Kel is back!!! Got to train with some of the guys I haven't trained with in a while.        



Today I took a step back to work on technique. 

     8 min Indian Clubs

     36" Box Jumps 10 X 5


          5 X 2 min sets  @ 5RPM  with 2x20kg

          5 X 2 min sets  @ 3RPM  with 2x20kg

   KB Matrix  X 5 w/ 20kg

     Cool down w/ 5 X 3min rounds heavy bag (punching) jabs, 1,2,3 & 4 combos

                            5 X 3min rounds heavy bag (kicking) low roundhouse, & front kicks


     Fast and Sweet

        50  36" Box jumps & 50  Burpees         

        50  deadlifts @ 90kg       

        50  double KB swings with 2 X 24kg outside the knees 50  tire strikes with sledge hammer       

       Finished in 45 min. 



       Nice morning out at Lake Las Vegas with Paddle to the Core. Almost reached 4miles in a little over an hour. Working up to hit 10 miles in 2 hours. Click on Garmin Link to see the results of the Paddle. 


      Took some time off to rest and regroup. Now it's time to kill it again. 

          Warm Up: Crazy 8'z    

                          100 Alternating one arm swings with a 20kg

          Snatches:   Two rounds of;

                           20kg 20r/20l, 24kg 15r/15l, 32kg 10r/10l, 36kg 5r/5l

           KB Matrix: five sets with 2 X 20kg

           100 pushups


           Indoor rock climbing @ Nevada Climbing Center

                5.9, 5.8, 5.7


            Slow Flow yoga



            FootBike Pittman Wash

                          Got a flat rear at 2.5miles. I changed the tube and kept kicking.


           Sprints @ UNLV T&F

                      Warm up 1 mile around the track

                      2 sets of hill sprints

                      6 100m sprints        


           Sprints @ UNLV T&F  

                        Warm up 1 mile around track

                        hill sprint

                        5 X 100m sprints    

             The heat was a factor today. Click on Garmin to see the details.


      My training isn't always kettlebells and Ballistic Functional Movement (BFM) On this day I went rappelling with some friends and teammates from RRSAR. Hanging off the side of a rock is a great way to get your heart pumping!!!



Took Frank, my German Shepherd for a little five and a half mile hike up Black Mountain this morning.  

Garmin Connect      



Swim laps @ the Henderson Multigenerational Center




Warm up: IKFF Level 1 fit test (11 min)

 Work: Snatch;  2 min per side per weight 20kg,24kg,32kg. Then dropped back down to 24kg of 2 more 2 min sets per side.

Cool down:  KB matrix with double 16kg super set 24kg double KB swings




Bristolecone Trail, Mt Charleston





 It has been a while... My friend; Fitness model & Holistic Health Coach, Jasmine John joined me today. We warmed up with ½ a mile around the track, Two sets of hill sprints, 2X100m , 2X200m. Overall It was a great run to jump back into sprints. 




North Loop, Mt Charleston




 Hit the trail KICKING this morning with Captain Kenny & Ashley O. Nice little 9 mile kick on the Pittman Wash. Last leg of the trail near Arroyo Grande is under construction. Be careful.