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Adrenal Support








 Another AMAZING supplement buy my good friend Mike Mahler. Real Energy Dominator "R.E.D." is no bullshit. Taking stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks and anything with a bunch of things you could never pronounce will fry your adrenalin receptors. I love Mahler's approach with natural ingredients. I have been using this now for four weeks, and have yet to crave a cup of coffee in the morning. Click on the link or the picture to read more. 

Estrogen Control 


 The latest supplement by my good friend Mike Mahler is ESTROGEN CONTROL "EC". Mike has done it again!!! I was taking Triazole which was a great combination with Mikes T Booster, but the combination of the T booster w/ EC has me wanting to take on the world. EC can be taken by women, unlike the T-Booster. Do some research of where your levels are, get optimal, and start feeling like taking on the world every time you wake up!!!  


Recovery Oil


     The first time I tried magnesium oil was after an 8 mile Kick on FootBike followed by kettlebell training. Soreness was always expected the following day, but not this time. I applied about 15 sprays to my major muscle groups. In the morning I felt no soreness and slept better than I had in weeks. That was just a regular brand of magnesium oil. MAHLER'S Recovery Oil  takes it to the next level. 

     Magnesium oil plays a key role in recovery. Some of the benefits of Magnesium oil are; reducing muscle soreness & cramps, lessen pain with headaches, and improves sleep. MAHLER'S Recovery Oil adds Zinc and MSM to the formula. By adding Zinc you get benefits like; cell growth and tissue repair, minimizes cold symptoms, helps fight stress, and has antioxidant properties, to name a few. MSM benefits include; reducing pain from chronic arthritis, reduces GI tract issues such as diarrhea and constipation, and helps with wound healing. Mike gets more in-depth on his site. 

     I highly recommend MAHLER'S Recovery Oil if you train hard in any sport or martial arts.



Testosterone Booster





     Click the pict to read all about AGGRESSIVE STRENGTH , this amazing testosterone booster & estrogen control.






 Systemic enzymes fight inflammation very effectively and have been shown to lower c-reactive protein (a measure of inflammation). Managing inflammation will in turn result in less soreness from intense physical training and improve workout recovery. Systemic enzymes are by far my favorite supplements for workout recovery and Restorezyme takes it to the next level. Restorezyme is beneficial for both men and women.





     Armaid is a great way to massage your forearm muscles. After an intense kettlebell session I will use Armaid to release the tension in my forearms. Doing so allows me to cut down the recovery time. Perfect for Pre-Hab as well as rehab. Tell them I sent you.