I started out using Cast Iron kettlebells. Cast iron bells vary in size. The heavier the bell the bigger the bell. The issue with this is the handle of the bell varies as well. After a couple months of using CI bells I had been introduced to Competition Kettlebells. Comp bells are all the same size form 8kg to 40kg. Over 40kg the bottom elongates a little, but the handle is the same. Comp bells are usually color coded according to weight. Depending on the brand of comp bells, there may be a slight variance in color and handle girth. All consistent within the brand.

     I only use Comp bells for all my training. I like the consistency in size. Try them both out and see which you prefer.




     Indian Clubs are great for shoulder mobility. Works wonders for rehab and pre-hab. They are one of the tools I use in my Crazy 8's warm up. Indian clubs range in weight from one lb. to 45 lbs. Their are even heavier ones than that. It is believed to have originated in India by solders to increase balance, strength, agility, and ability. In  just 8 minutes with these one or two lb. clubs you will feel what I mean.







     This big kids scooter (Footbike) is a fun way to stay in shape. It incorporates many muscle groups to keep this ride stable. You will have an amazing cardiovascular workout with very little impact on the knees, due to the propelling motion of the kicking leg. If you use kettlebells, a footbike is the perfect warm up. The kicking motion when fully extended, opens up the hips. After a four or eight mile kick, your hip-flexors are ready to start swinging. 


"Just Kick It"




 Road ID


     Safety is always the most important factor when training. When your taking it to the extreme all the time, there is always that chance that something may go wrong. If that time ever comes about feel comfort wearing your Road ID tag. The Road ID Interactive tag has a serial # and pin on the back side that Emergency Responders can call in and get all the information you loaded on your profile. I have had my Road ID braclet for several years now. I rarely take it off. If you kick (FootBike), ride, run,

swim, climb, dive, SUP, or are an active person I strongly recommend getting a Road ID.